our concept

The alchemy tradition is an ancient philosophy embracing the use of profound and magical powers to create gold from base metals and to prepare the elixir of longevity.  Our latest adventure in Alchemy occurs within the four walls of a completely renovated restaurant in Bel Air Town Center, resulting in modern American cuisine fused with a myriad of unexpected cross-cultural influences.  The ever-evolving menu is re-created twice a year and features weekly specials from our chefs in order to fully exploit the availability of fresh, seasonal ingredients.  Our bar offers both mainstream and craft beers, a sophisticated and harmonious wine program, and a list of hand crafted specialty cocktails which are both trendy and innovative.

Our Approach

People have said there’s a whiff of magic in the air at Alchemy Elements.  After 35 years in the food industry, Debi and I are still inspired by the opportunity to constantly create and test our avant-garde recipes for you.  We are constantly learning new techniques, searching for better ingredients, and going for flavor combinations that are truly divine. We harmonize flavor, color, scent and texture to create the experience of sensory fusion:  what allows people to experience food — not just taste it.  Every day, we work to transform our craft of food and drink into the art of creating wonderful meals for you, our guests.

Our Setting

It was always our dream to open another restaurant in Harford County. Being Fallston natives, Debi and I knew that we wanted to once again bring our concepts and unique dining experience back home.  We wanted to create a popular location for people to come in and have a great time in a chic and lavish environment but without any of the pretentiousness that some other places project.  When we found this spot, we knew it was the perfect place for Alchemy Elements. We immediately got to work on creating the space we both envisioned. With rich metals in gold, silver, and copper, plush seating in deep shades of blue and brown leather, and a floor that gives the impression you're walking on storm clouds, we accomplished just that, our perfect vision. With more than 140 seats and a beautiful bar as the focal point, we think our guests will love Alchemy Elements as much as we do. Our entire staff is passionate and eager to provide you with attentive and knowledgeable service and an amazing dining experience.  As time permits, Debi and I will visit each table looking forward to hearing about your visit.

We hope that your experiences with us are golden moments filled with the elixir of longevity!

-Michael & Debi